Vito, by Tito.

Let’s talk about the C-word. The coronacrisis has lopped the head off the events industry, probably forever. Even after we get through this, things won’t just go back to the way we were. We need to come up with new ways of gathering, both online and offline.

Vito is a new platform from the team behind Tito (a platform for selling tickets online, mostly to in-person events. Yup, it’s bad.). Tito is loved by hundreds of customers for its focus on user experience, flexibility and commitment to privacy. Our NPS score was going through the roof before the demand for ticket-sales-software took a sudden drop.

We’re building the tool we always wanted, but never got around to building. It’s chock full of ideas that we didn’t give the light of day as we were focussed solely on growing Tito.

Vito will be a place to share live-streams and agendas. You will be able to provide a safe, secure community for your participants (we’re calling this contextual networking). We’re integrating Stripe for payments and building invitations right in. You’ll be able to add presenters, sponsors, and swag. And you’ll be able to share the whole thing with your team, and your community, long before you hit the "Go Live" button in your streaming software.

Backed by solid principles.

Security is Priority #1

Traditional conference tools can compromise security in exchange for engagement. Attendee directories are unprotected by default and open to abuse.

Vito will be optimised for the most vulnerable and will be designed from the outset to provide a safe space for everyone.

Content is crucial

Great event organisers know that attendees stay for the community, but they come for the content.

Vito will put content front and centre, and provide a single place where participants can securely sign-in, get oriented, view sessions, and of course view the live-stream.

Community is everything

Vito puts community first. Community is the reason we’re in this game in the first place.

Taking what we've learned from years of going to conferences and working with conference organisers, Vito will allow participants to introduce themselves and connect with other event-goers in a curated manner.

We’re building with integrity, excellence, and delight.

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