Admission Online #2

Encouraging community


  • 8:00PM – 8:05PM

    👋 Welcome from Paul
    Paul Campbell

    An intro from Team Tito CEO (ergo, now Vito CEO), Paul Campbell.

  • 8:06PM – 8:26PM

    I Can Call Myself a Community Builder Because I'm Great at It
    Rosie Sherry

    Here, Rosie Sherry shares the impact the Coronacrisis has had on events from her lived experience, and the event industry as a whole.

    Moreover than that, she explains how the transition to virtual events is so much more than a copy/paste of what we're used to.

  • 8:26PM – 8:35PM

    Music with Rhob Cunningham
    Rhob Cunningham

    You can check out more of Rhob's music here:

  • 8:35PM – 8:57PM

    Running Profitable Conferences & How to Continue That Momentum Online
    Jana Boruta

    Here, Jana Boruta has a glass of wine with a virtual fireplace crackling in the background.

    She shares the impact the Coronacrisis has had on Hashicorp and her, personally.

    Helpfully, she explains how she and her team transitioned from their well lain out three in-person conferences, to cancellation, to reconciliation.

  • 8:57PM – 9:06PM

    Music with Rhob Cunningham
    Rhob Cunningham

    You can check out more of Rhob's music here:

  • 9:06PM – 9:28PM

    Although Communities Feel Magical, They Don't Come Together By Magic
    Bailey Richardson

    Here, Bailey brings us through the story of communities that create comfortable and valuable social interaction, a reflective, interactive session, and the value of the grassroots community.

  • 9:28PM – 9:36PM

    Music with Rhob Cunningham
    Rhob Cunningham

    You can check out more of Rhob's music here:

  • 9:36PM – 10:00PM

    Panel Discussion: Profitability in the Events World
    Rosie Sherry, Jana Boruta, Bailey Richardson, and Paul Campbell

    Is it possible to create a sustainable business model from online events? In this panel discussion with Bailey Richardson, Rosie Sherry and Jana Boruta, we explore how the profitability of online events compares to that of in-person events.

  • 10:00PM – 10:05PM

    👋 Goodbye from Paul
    Paul Campbell

    A goodbye from Team Tito CEO (Yes, also Vito CEO!) Paul Campbell.


  • Paul Campbell

    Paul is co-founder and CEO of Tito, an online platform for selling tickets to events. Tito processes millions worth of ticket sales each week for hundreds of customers worldwide. Now Paul and the Tito team are building Vito, a new platform for live-streaming delightful events and growing your community online.

    Paul knows a thing or two about events, having also co-founded Úll and Funconf.

  • Rosie Sherry

    Rosie Sherry just loves building communities. She runs a terrific newsletter all about communities, you can sign up for it here:

    Currently she leads the community over at Indie Hackers.

    Previously she founded and bootstrapped Ministry of Testing a truly global community and events company for software testers.

  • Rhob Cunningham

    Rhob Cunningham is a songwriter from Dublin. He has released three albums, and has shared the stage with a huge number of artists including James Vincent McMorrow and Lisa Hannigan, and has toured with the likes of Villagers, Bobby Womack, Gil Scott Heron, Tori Amos, John Martyn and many more.

    Rhob plays festivals and shows the length and breath of Ireland, the UK and Europe including The Great Escape, Electric Picnic, Body & Soul Fest and lots of little Dublin Festivals.

  • Jana Boruta

    Jana Boruta’s specialty and passion include developing community and experiential marketing programs for early-stage startups. Previously, she worked at Engine Yard, StackMob, Prismatic, and New Relic where she helped build their community programs from the ground up.

    In early 2015, Jana started working with HashiCorp when they were just 10 employees, producing their first ever community conference, HashiConf 2015. Over the last four and a half years, she has had the privilege of building their events and experiential marketing programs for a growing global developer audience.

  • Bailey Richardson

    Three years ago, Bailey Richardson started People & Company with partners Kevin Huynh and Kai Elmer Sotto. Their mission is to bridge gaps between us by helping people get their people together.

    People & Company coaches organizations to make smarter bets when investing in communities. Bailey also interviews extraordinary community leaders on the "Get Together" podcast, and in August 2019 published a book ("Get Together") on how to build communities today based on the research and strategy work she's done with hundreds of communities.

    Prior to People & Company, Bailey grew the early community around Instagram, where she was one of the first employees. She has also worked at IDEO, StoryCorps, Pop-Up Magazine and The California Sunday Magazine.

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